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Brief History

Reverb was a member of Gene Nation. When his team's leader, Marrow, and the X-Man Storm engaged in single combat, Reverb attempted to aid Marrow by attacking Storm's mind. Storm retaliated by impaling him on one of Marrow's own bone-knives, killing him.

Other Version


Not much is known about the past of the man named Rudolf only that he and his partner, Barney were work for hire for local crime bosses over the last few years. They eventually came into employement of Roderick Kingsley better known as the Hobgoblin. Trying to track down an item that would help him gain power as the new Kingpin of Crime in New York. Kingsley gave the two men a sonic battle suit he had created to help them find Spider-girl or lure her out. After a brief argument, Rudolf put on the suit and named himself Reverb after May Parker in her Redhoody outfit tracked the two down. She was unable to fight the sonic blasts that Reverb emitted. After fleeing the scene, Rudolf and Barney decided to attacked Courtney Whittmore who was one of their possibilities of being Spider-girl when May back in her Spider-girl costume attacked the two. May was able to knock out Barney and trapped Reverb in wet cement that caused his sonic emitters to blow out. She later left the two for the police.

Powers and Abilities

Reverb was a mutant who possessed a form of tactile telepathy that allowed him to project his consciousness over a distance through a uniform inanimate medium. By touching the walls or floor of his surroundings he could expand his senses in order to see and hear distant events occurring in places remotely connected to his surroundings. He could also conduct an offensive psychic charge through the stones, striking at an opponent's mind over a distance so long as they were in physical contact with his surroundings as well.


 The MC2 version of Reverb has a cybernetic suit that generates sonics and other high deafening sounds that can even shatter metal at high volumes.

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