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Megalith arrives in Canada in search of his aunt and uncle. Yet when he arrives he finds a nuclear power plant residing in the very spot where their town had been. After breaking in to the restricted area he runs across a group of aliens and what appears to be his mother. Armor and Silver Streak show up and after a short misunderstanding they begin to fight against the commander alien as a team. As the battle progresses Megalith discovers that the commander is a shape changer ("shaper") that had actually been posing as his mother. Commander Lllan is defeated by Armor and Silverstreak and in its weakened state is bound by the aliens "breakstones". Armor and Silver Streak allow the Breakstones to use their ship so they can leave Earth and hopefully restore Lllan to his natural state.

There is also a secondary story featuring Shadow Hunter.

A group of four masters in martial arts led by General Kang have broken in to a military base to prevent a missile test. They had entered in to the base with a fifth master named Shadow Hunter, but have lost track of him. In the end they run in to Shadow Hunter who has decided to sabotage their mission.

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