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Revenant is one of the mutants Rogue and Gambit come across during their depowered time in Valle Soleada, CA. She was a part of a gang of Magneto Loyalists who thought that they were superior to base-line humans. The X-Treme X-Men had a few run-ins with Revenant. During Bishop and Sage's visit to Valle Soleada, they fought many of the mutant radicals. Though her plans were clever, the X-Treme X-men prevailed, once again. She has not been seen since. It has not yet been confirmed or denied that she retained her powers after M-Day. and her whereabouts are unknown.


Revenant was created by Chris Claremont and Adam Kubert in 2000 and first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men # 383.


Revenant has the ability to draw guilt from her victims. By doing this, she creates psychic avatars that represent the victim's past mistakes, failures, and fears. The victim is physically and emotionally tormented and attacked by their own shortcomings.

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