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Marvel UK title reprinting Marvel US Star Wars and related stories.

A revamp from this issue - four extra pages are added (bringing the page count from 28 to 32) and the paper turns glossy throughout. There's also a free gift poster to complete the mini-relaunch.

Fictional edition Cyril makes his comic strip debut, cementing his place in the comics history as the first original strip to be published in the pages of Return of the Jedi.

Free gift: Star Destroyer poster (with spaces on the poster for four stickers - these will be given away over the next two issues).

Photo cover: Imperial Star Destroyer

  • Cyril - The Adventures of an Editor-Droid! (Steve Parkhouse)
  • Star Wars - The Crimson Forever (part 1 of 7 - reprinting Star Wars issue 50) (Archie Goodwin - Al Williamson)
  • Power Pack (part 5 of 5 - reprinting Power Pack issue 1) (Louise Simonson - June Brigman - Bob Wiacek)
  • Star Wars - Figurehead (part 2 of 3 - reprinting Star Wars issue 88) (Jo Duffy - Bob McLeod/Tom Palmer)

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