durakken's Resurrection Man #3 - One Side or the Other review

Join the dark Side, Mitchell

The story doesn't go far in this one and in some senses it is just repeating what we already knew. So why then do i give it a 4 star it goes nowhere more or less, like so many other stories... Well because the information that we get this month is information we presumed from previous issues, but it still needed to be confirmed and it still needed to be spoken straight out for those that didn't get it in the first place.

Another thing is we get more information on the Body double's who keep changing from heroes to villains and back again in my mind. I can't tell. They seem to be bounty hunters that work for the company that this guy works for and were hired to bring him in whenever there is a problem or some such thing and interestingly they both have regeneration powers to offset the recklessness Mitchell employs against them since he can't "die"...and doesn't have memories.

I also like the surprise at the end. In the previous issue you had to be going back and forth with this guy is crazy and well it is DC so it's not like it's impossible... but even still you never expect him to have that just lying around even if it is true. It's a nice surprise ending that leaves you wanting more.


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