matkrenz's Resurrection Man #2 - And Gone review

There are worse places to wake up at.

Review for Resurrection Man #2.

The Story: Mitch gets to Portland and is informed that his father is dead. Also the Body Doubles find him and Mitch dies again but something different happens when he wakes up.

The Good: It's an interesting idea to set the majority of the issue in a retirement. It's a place where people go to stay until they die but Mitch can't die and he seems out of place there. Darryl seems like a very fun character and I do want to see if he's a former supervillain or not. I have a problem with the sudden memory loss subplot but I think it's handled well and it does indirectly explain Mitch origin. I am continuing to like Dagnino's art, it fits the mood well and I haven't reread Generation Lost but I think his art seems to work very well with Santiago Arcas as colorist.

The Bad: Mitch's memory loss subplot seems to come out of nowhere but I am interested to see where it goes. The Body Doubles seem to be fine villains but I need information about them because they just seem annoying.

The Verdict: Another solid issue for Resurrection Man that continues the story very well and ends on a great cliffhanger. This is a buy.

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