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I Care to Disagree 0

When I was a kid and the original Resurrection Man series was coming out I thought the idea of it sounded great, but it just wasn't quite me, at that time I just wasn't ready to start reading the more weird or dark characters so I didn't bother to check it out, but ever since then I've wanted another chance. So when Resurrection Man was announced as one of DC's New 52 I got excited for this chance to finally check out this character.Now, a little more backstory before the review. Normally here o...

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Pronounced Resurrected. 0

I've never read anything about this character before. I've heard of resurrecting characters and I thought this is the one I heard about, the one comes with a new power each time. I was right, but that's all I knew. Always thought the idea was kinda crappy to be honest with you, and if you really wanted to mess with this character you could do something like give him regen one time and then try to figure out how his resurrecting powers work together with his regen power... But I digress...The boo...

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Fresh, moody, and entertaining but not without flaws. 0

Resurrection Man is a character I have little to no knowledge of. I know nothing about his history nor have I ever read a Resurrection Man book. In other words I fit the description of the "new reader" that so many of these new DC #1 titles are aimed at. This first issue starts off strong and it really grabbed me. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning do a great job of quickly introducing Mitch and his eerie powers through a strong opening resurrection scene which leads to an even better airport scene. I...

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Can He Really Come Back? 0

Few concepts offer as much raw story potential as resurrection. Of course in comic books, characters die and come back to life all the time, but it's usually through some goofy retcon and the resurrected have little to say about their time away from this mortal coil. In Resurrection Man, we have a character whose power is to come back from the dead. I had hoped that by sweeping away the need for particularly silly plot devices to bring him back, this series could start to explore some of the fun...

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It Tastes Like Chicken 0

Another unlikely character gets his opportunity in the spotlight in Resurrection Man and shows off that he is indeed a unique character readers can't find anywhere else. His situation, however, is another matter as it goes into very familiar territory for the sort of readers who would be interested in this kind of series.In recent years, I've been very critical of writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. I was very high on them when their Nova series started, but they ran out of steam after a couple...

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Rise From- Wait I Already Did Tha- Wait, I Already Did THAT Joke 0

The Good: I really like the logo, with the hole in the A being a hand reaching from a grave. And the cover is a great representation of the idea. All in all it's a very good first issue cover for this series. I was hesitant about Fernando Dagnino's artwork, as his was my least favorite on Generation Lost. However, the artwork here isn't even recognizable as the same artist. I was blown away by how cool some of the scenes looked, especially when he jumped out of the plane. And when things get cra...

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He is back... again the return of Mitch Shelly. 0

The "Dark" stuff of the DCU's 52 is a neat way of saying "New Vertigo" and that is what this series is, it is part of "new Vertigo" and Vertigo was a line of comics when they pushed the literature level of comics.   Comics as literature is interesting because the understanding of the Sequential Art is not just limited to the page layouts and how the pictures lay together, but it also deals with hues of colors and shades, visual homages and other semiotics.  A problem this comic suffers from is t...

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He is the ultimate zombie. 0

Review for Resurrection Man #1.  The Story: Mitchell comes back to life once more and decides to go to Portland but the plane crashes and he gets chased by an angel. Meanwhile the Body Doubles are following Mitchell.  The Good: We get a great narration of Mitchell explainig how it feels like resurrecting and how it feels getting new powers. Using taste as an analogie to it was a good choice. The idea of angels and possibly demons wanting to get his soul because he will never officially die is an...

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It Doesn't Even Take Three Days 0

This is yet another book that I never would have been exposed to if not for the New 52 initiative. When I read the solicitation I was intrigued, so I checked it out. I was not disappointed. I knew absolutely nothing about the character but the issue told me everything I needed to know without feeling like my hand was being held.I know this is one of the most obscure characters DC has to offer and I'm sure this series will be cancelled relatively quick, but I don't feel like I'm wasting my time. ...

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Looking for a body 0

Having had no previous experience with this character prior to reading this issue I was not sure what to expect.  The introduction is pretty solid as it becomes clear almost immediately what the character is capable of.  What follows is a bit of more spiritual undertones with the main character being able to figure out things about people by the metal in their bodies, and a mysterious urge to get on a flight to Portland.  Onboard that flight it becomes clear immediately who the antagonist of thi...

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Feltámadás 0

Bevallom erről a karakterről, halvány lila gőzöm sincs, nem tudtam, hogy voltak eddigi részek belőle és ha nincs a Suicide Squad crossover akkor valószínűleg arról se tudnék, h újra kezdték. És ki ő és főleg miért kap egy egész sorozatot? Kezdjük az elején.A történet szerint emberünk meghalt (megint) és bármikor amikor visszatér, egy-egy kis "ajándékot" kap a sorstól, valamilyen új képesség formájában. Ebben az esetben egy hullaházban ébred, majd összeszedve pár cuccot elindul, h repülővel jusso...

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