By far the worst in the franchise

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The Resident Evil movies aren't good, but they're at least dumb fun at times. I went into RE: Retribution the other day expecting to shut off my brain and enjoy some blatantly stupid popcorn entertainment. But that didn't happen. Not at all.  
Aside from the fairly cool intro and ending, the majority of the movie was downright terrible. The script was appalling, the acting was bland, the CGI was laughable, and the action was boring. Have you ever been bored with a final fight sequence? If not, watch this movie and be amazed by a fight that's far too long and far too dull.  
I'm so happy I rented this instead of shelling out cash to see it in 3D in theaters. But that's just me... what did you think of the latest RE film?

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It was ok trust me I have seen far far worse....anything by Uwe Boll..........

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@Ms. Omega said:

It was ok trust me I have seen far far worse....anything by Uwe Boll..........

Of course there's worse out there, but I'm talking solely about this franchise.
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My name is Alice... I am a horrible character.

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Defibitely Bad, CGI was horrible

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Yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm a steadfast fan of the franchise and even I think this one sucked.

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Half a star is pretty high of a rating though :P

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I don't really care I've watch Independent movies just to see Milla Jovovich, if its event remotely better then Ultraviolet its good.

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