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A Band of pint sized detectives who pick of the tracks of crimes that fall through the cracks.
There's no case too big, no case too small, when you need help just call... Ch-ch-ch-Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers.

Chip and Dale

The team Consists of Chip, organized, efficient, and always with his mind on solving the case. His style is modeled on Indiana Jones.

Dale, the more laid back partner, able to laugh in the face of danger or his brother. He is styled after the famous Hawaiian Private Investigator from TV, Magnum PI

The Rescue Rangers
Gadget Hackwrench  a mouse, who is the inventor, she makes most everything out of discarded household items, including the RR's flying airship.

Monterey Jack, an Australian mouse, who is the muscle of the team, his only weakness is his love of cheese. Whenever the smell of cheese is in the air, his eyes glaze over, his whiskers start to twitchsand he whispers "Chuh-eeez-uh"

Zipper a fly an old friend of Monterey Jack. He is fast, but also very strong for his size.


Another of Gadget's Creations
The team has alot of ingenious equipment. It is all fashioned by Gadget. Her most famous work is the Airship. It is made from a Balloon, a bleach bottle and some plungers.
She also created a car for the team using some wooden connecto blocks and a fan.

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