haydenclaireheroes's Rescue #1 - Rescue Me review

Rescue should never go solo



I did not like the cover because she had to many lines on her face and it did not make Pepper look good.


Pepper walks into a basement and is very tired. The basement is a mess and she starts to clean it up. She sees boxing gloves and she puts it on and all of the sudden she sees her dead husband, Happy. Happy helps her put the boxing glove on. He also helps her box. Happy says he has been watching her and all the good she has done. Pepper tells a story about her being Rescue. Then it tells a story about one of her rescues. Pepper thinks she is a failure because she could not save everybody and she thinks that Tony could of done better. Happy says pick your chin up and keep trying and then Pepper goes to the boxing bag and that show that she will try and try again.

Best Part 

I loved all the parts with Happy. I loved the part when he gives Pepper hope because that is all she really needs.   The relating between boxing and Pepper’s life was also very entertaining.

Worst Part

I disliked the art. There was just something really off about it. The whole rescue mission was also very boring and unnecessary because Happy says he sees what she is doing and she tells him the story. It would have been better if Tony was in the story at least a little bit.


The thing I really hated about the art is all described in the last section I wrote.

Pick up or not


Posted by sora_thekey

It's so sad that this book was not popular since the idea of Rescue was really good!
but oh well I won't pick this up!

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