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Review: Rescue 0

Popping out of the amazing Invincible Iron Man book, Pepper Potts puts on the Rescue Iron Man suit and travels the world looking for people to save in this one-shot issue.    The Good I love the current Invincible Iron Man book. It's my favorite Marvel book out right now, and getting to see Pepper Potts in her own book, at least for one issue, looked exciting to me; however, this is a throw-away story. There are a couple of good things in this issue though. The writing and art are pretty solid p...

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Rescue should never go solo 0

  Cover I did not like the cover because she had to many lines on her face and it did not make Pepper look good. Story Pepper walks into a basement and is very tired. The basement is a mess and she starts to clean it up. She sees boxing gloves and she puts it on and all of the sudden she sees her dead husband, Happy. Happy helps her put the boxing glove on. He also helps her box. Happy says he has been watching her and all the good she has done. Pepper tells a story about her being Rescue. Then...

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Justifying Or Hurting Rescue? 0

The Good When Pepper Potts received the Rescue armoured suit way back when Tony Stark was still turning into a vegetable fugitive in Invincible Iron Man, I never thought the change would last. While Pepper has been a great support character to Stark for most of his career, she never seemed like she could handle herself as a superhero. If this issue does one thing, it justifies her motivations to become a hero. We get an explanation about why she feels the need to help others that doesn't revolve...

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Rescue: To Buy or Borrow? 0

Summary   During the Siege event Pepper Potts sees the ghost of Happy Hogan as she tells how she tries to be in the heroes shoes  The Good:   It would seem fit to see Happy Hogan (right after he had a larger role in Iron Man 2),. When Happy comes back as a ghost though it felt it worked out because it was really the "back bone"  of this one shot. And when Happy comes back we see Pepper drop her defense after the crap she's taking now.   The Bad:   During the World's Most Wanted story arc I reall...

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