Is Reptile Going To Be In The MK VS DC Game?

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I would say they should put Reptile in cause he could fight Killer Croc. It would be a very good match being that they are both reptile based fighters.

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Well Reptile is a lot stronger then people give him credit for. He can spit acid, go invisible and has alligator strenght So yes I think he will be in MK vs DC
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They said 10-12 chars on each side, right?

I think there are over 12 MK characters more recognizable than Reptile, so i'm guessing small chance.

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well no Reptile In This One. But the game should still be pretty good. hopefully he can be unlocked or something

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Rember they said that there will be Downloadable characters.

#7 Posted by Flash Is The Best (130 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah thats right. hope he is one of them

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