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The Hachibushu

The Hachibushu

In the world of Tenkūkai, the Eight Legions (八部衆 Hachibushu?) are a group of eight mystical warriors of legend (inspired by the traditional eight guardians of Buddhism tradition). Presumably, they are all the same people repeatedly reincarnated without any memories of their former lives. Their primary purpose is to defend the leader of Tenkūkai, Lady Vishnu and the rest of Tenkūkai from forces of evil called the Asura Gods. Alternatively they are also called the Deva Gods, seemingly based on both the Hindu Deva deities and the Buddhist supernatural beings. They are extremely powerful, possessing large quantities of Sohma (光流 Sōma?), the inner essence that is the source of their power, and politically high-ranked, taking direct orders only from Indrah and Vishnu herself.

Renge, the Queen Nāra

Renge and Mari'ichi

She is the target of much love from Mari'ichi and Hyūga, but does not reciprocate these feelings in either case.

Rather, she is obsessively in love with Indrah, being in a one-sided relationship where she blindly follows him even when she witnesses evidence of his evil and betrayal of Vishnu. Ultimately, she seems to realize her own folly and the futility of her actions, and allows herself to be frozen and killed by Hyuuga, achieving happiness and peace at last.

At the end of that arc, she is resurrected by Vishnu. After that, Renge helps the other warriors in the fight against evil.


Shakti Armor

Each of the Hachibushu possesses a Shakti (神甲冑 Shakuti?) (or Shakuty), a small statue that serves as a Sohma container and body armor, modeled after various mythical beings. By holding their Shaktis and chanting a specific mantra, any of the Hachibushu can transform into a super-powered version of themselves, clad in mystical armor also modeled after an animal, and wielding a legendary weapon. While in armor form, the Hachibushu are stronger, tougher, and can manipulate their Sohma into extremely powerful techniques. Multiple Hachibushu can also work together to combine their techniques.

Shakti mobile platform

The Hachibushu can also cause a partial transformation of their Shakti, turning it not into armor but a Valuda, a mobile platform used for rapid transportation.


Her Shakti armor is inspired by the Kinnara mythical beings, and her weapon is a rose-shaped dagger that doubles as a whip. She is also able to use her blade as a sort of gun, firing Sohma in her techniques.


She also has shurikens.


Nāra Musō-ka

Nāra's Lonely Flower (那羅無双華 Nāra Musō-ka)

Nāra Shurei-ka

Nāra's Crimson Spiritual Petals (那羅朱霊華 Nāra Shurei-ka)

Hachibushu Sanrenkō

Eight Guardians' Triple Ultimate Skill (八部衆三練功 Hachibushu Sanrenkō)


She Can attack with his soma energy

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