Bad News For Renee...

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While looking around online, I found this quote by Greg Rucka:

Given what I'm told was said at SDCC this past week, I don't imagine you'll see [her] any time soon. The few conversations I've had with DC folk over the past year made it very clear they had no interest in seeing Renee continue, either as the Question or not.

For those of you who don't know, Rucka is the person most associated for turning Renee Montoya into the deep, likable, and popular character that she is today, elevating her through the wonderful 52 event, where she overcame her personal demons and succeeded Vic Sage as the Question, and he is the one who undoubtedly writes her best. I cannot tell you how much this quote p**ses me off. Not at Rucka, of course, but at DC, for apparently having 'no interest in seeing Renee continue'. This just magnifies one of the many problems with this reboot of theirs, throwing away great characters for no damn reason. What makes this doubly mystifying is that they're trying to promote diversity, adding in more LGBT characters and the like, and yet they get rid of arguably the best they had going, next to Batwoman herself. It's things like these that, in spite of all I like about DC, makes me hate them just as much.

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DC is all about diversity yet they don't want anything to with Montoya? Why? She's one of the few LGBT characters they had. DC is so hypocritical these days.

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DC really is lacking in the diversity department. Everyone seems to get shafted. Her and Kate one one of the best gay couples I've ever read, and they had real depth too.

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Yeah, I have no idea what their thought process is over at DC. Their motto seems to be "one step forward, two steps back."

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DC... you're really getting on my nerves today.

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Renee will get the shaft because she's not "iconic" as Dan DiDio would say.

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Of course she's being dropped... they made Alan Scott gay.. that fills their quota.

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Don't worry everyone, give it 5-10 years and we'll have fanboys who liked characters like Renee, Donna, Conner Hawke, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, etc growing up in charge at DC and we'll be going through another reboot/relaunch to fit their needs and we'll be at the same song and dance routine once more.

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So I was rereading some Batwoman issues, and I noticed something...

Batwoman #2

You see it? No? Let's zoom in.

How about now? Still no? Okay, let's try this.

Now, my eyesight may not be the best, but I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be Renee as The Question. And she hasn't been lightning zapped out of the image like a few others. So... what happened? Is there still hope for her? Or did DC just decide to say, "ah, screw it" and ignore her altogether?

I'm really hating DC for a few specific things right now. This is one of them.

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This is a true shame.

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I basically stopped reading the comics from DC after Vic died, but then, a friend told me about Renee and the Crime Bible, and, I was pretty pumped, I really liked it, and now she gets dropped, DC is really leeting me down, this reboot have taken away my two favorite heroes, and that is Vic and Renee. Vic not so much, since he is apparently back, but I can already see, he is not so much off a great character anymore, I liked him for his eccentricity, now he looks just.. crazy. And, I'm I the only one who hates Sawyer? I don't know, she p**ses me off.. u.u

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@Ravager4: Renee, in that issue, has agreed to work with Batman Inc. But in layman's terms, she is in limbo. She still exsists within DC 'universe' but she is no longer the question. I know...I'm confused by that myself. But that's how Dan 'Dildo' DiDio wants it. Personally, she could have sold a lot of titles/stories. Batwoman and her would have made DCnU more likeable. That's just me.

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@Givens: I like Sawyer. If Renee was still around it would have been interesting - a love triangle between Kate/Renee/Maggie.

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