Remus is Wolverines new love Interest?

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Is this still going on or has it just been ignored? It seems kind of strange bc i thought he had a serious gf in another one of his comics. Remus and Romulus seem like descent characters but the writers are just wedging them in to Wolverines past where they can.

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@DEGRAAF: the answer to your question.
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Isn't he related to Remus?

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@Kairan1979: Yeah but since this scan hasn't he dated Storm and one or two other women as well

@Vance Astro said:

Isn't he related to Remus?

I dont think so. Why do you?

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@DEGRAAF: I never said she is going to be his ONLY love interest.
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@Kairan1979: I understand but i wasnt sure if it just meant that it was a one time thing or something (i guess my mind set has never been dating multiple women at once)

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Wolverine doesn't know what a relationship is, he just knows that women are supposed to part their legs for him period.

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