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  In the alternate dimension of Earth-S the premier superhuman team of protectors are the Squadron Supreme, the character Remnant is one of the minor villains which would often go up against Nighthawk. He has a very close friendship and working association with two other of Nighthawk's ongoing enemies Pinball and the Mink. With his ability to animate small or large amounts of cloth in various Remnant  went on several robberies, either solo or with his cohorts, but would always be captured by Nighthawk. 
During the aftermath of his Earth being at war due to the Squadron Supreme having been mindcontrolled  by Overmind and from Earth-616 Remnant laid low as the world was being rebuilt from its chaos. Remnant and his partners became quickly aware that the Squadron's new "Utopia Program" would eventually take away their freedom's as all criminals were being behavior modified after capture.  In a desperate plan to leave their Earth and travel to another world in which they would not be modified, Remnant and his friends went to see the retired sorcerer supreme Professor Iman, who had become a hermit of sorts to his aligning world.  The elderly former sorcerer supreme listened to their plight and opened a mystic portal into Earth-616, which had been the very same earth which the Avengers and Defenders had both come form to visit their Earth on past occasions.  
After returning from Captain America's Earth-616 and still scared of the actions the Squadron Supreme would take on them once discovered, Remnant ended up joining Nighthawk's Redeemers to oppose the Squadron's Utopia Program. When the two teams clashed, several members of both teams suffered casualties but Remnant survived the battle, however his longtime friend Pinball was killed as the Blue Eagle crashed into his back at high speeds, damaging his spine and puncturing his lungs. Since the battle at the grounds of the Squadron's headquarters Remnant's current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

  Remnant has the ability to animate cloth and use it in a variety of ways, it has never been mentioned if this is an innate ability or magical in basis. From his "bottomless pocket" he can pull out large amounts of fabric for a variety of uses. He can ensnare opponents with his fabric creating abilities and has been seen using a flying carpet as means of transportation. He also uses pieces of cloth as projectile weapons that can cause flame or smoke. He is also an accomplished tailor at at one time designed and created Redstone's hero identity costume.

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