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Reid Fleming is a crude, ill tempered, rye swilling (he keeps a case of it with him in his milk truck), milkman who has destroyed somewhere between 9 and a million milk trucks in his career.

A devoted fan of the daytime TV program The Horrors of Ivan, Reid prefers watching that to making his deliveries, when he does go on his route he spends most of it intimidating his customers “buy some milk or I pee on your flowers” or getting into random acts of extreme violence because someone has made fun of his milk truck, or commented on his thinning hair.

The people in his life are his one friend Cooper an almost comatose fellow milkman, his girlfriend Lena, his boss Mr. O’clock, his supervisor and arch-enemy, the flat-headed Mr. Crabbe, and the strange and usually intimidated people on his milk route. 

Before Wolverine, before Lobo, before any other violence prone anti-hero in the comics there was Reid Fleming, the World’s Toughest Milkman.    

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