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This issue finds Reid Fleming inexplicably flying through the air in his milk truck, and passing over the "Milk, Inc." building, he looks down and seeing his boss, he throws a carton of milk at his supervisor, exploding it.  
Fleming and his truck end up in a swimming pool and he forces the attendees of the pool party to help him hoist the truck out of the pool.  He grabs some rope and asks, "Who is the strongest man here?".  A man steps forward and says, "I am".  Reid walks over and pushes the man down and says, "Wrong!  I'M the strongest man here!"  
  However his objective wasn't just to lift the truck but to retrieve a bottle of booze he had in it.  He sees the party goers are drinking Kool-Aid and pours a bit of his booze into the cup of Kool-Aid an older lady is drinking.  She reacts positively to the drink and Reid states, "Antidote for dull parties".  
Soon afterward, Reid has a meeting with his boss and its revealed Reid has now destroyed 8 milk trucks.  Reid is admonished and threatened to be fired if he destroys one more truck, but he blows it off reacting in his blow hard style.  
After meeting up with his girlfriend, Reid ends up on a golf course, dressed up in garish golf attire, not unlike the ones worn by "The Three Stooges" ( an obvious homage) from one of their serials.  
Later antics ensue and one of Reid's supervisor's attempts to get Reid not only fired but killed as he cuts the brake lines on Reid's beat up truck milk.  Things don't go as planned.







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