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Regis fled to Icewind Dale to escape his past. In doing so he put his new friends in danger. For Pasha Pook wanted his Gem back and sent his best assassin to reclaim and and bring Regis back.

Seeing the assassin Artemis Entreri Regis fled the town to join his friends on thier journey for Mithral Hall. Reaching Mithral Hall was a long and hard journey, and one Regis did not enjoy. For he was fond of comfort, large banquests, and a life of leasure.

Because of the assassin Drizzt was lost to the darkness inside Mithral Hall. Bruenor blamed Regis for thier loss and said he always got into trouble, bringing his friends into his mess.

Later he was then captured by Artemis, who took him, the gem, and the figureine of Geunwhyvar to Calimport. Challenging Drizzt to catch him, and to come for his friends.

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