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Devil's Legacy

Ginny is a charming, outgoing, social, empathetic woman with a penchant for loud clothes. She has a string of boyfriends. She is close friends with Christine Spar, and when Chris gets a job at Ginny's newspaper, where Ginny writes an "arts-watch" column, the two are elated. She gets some tickets at a kabuki play, and she, her boyfriend, Chris, and Chris' son Anson all go. The star of the play is the charismatic Tujiro XIV, who is secretly a vampire. He meets them after the show, where he surreptitiously plucks a hair from Anson and creepily licks Chris' hand in greeting.

Chris pretends to be drunk to establish an alibi

That night, he hypnotizes Anson and kidnaps him, later killing him. Chris eventually figures out that he is behind it. In order to get revenge, she decides to adopt the guise of Grendel, and to do that, she needs Hunter Rose's relics. She pretends to get falling-down drunk when Ginny comes over to see if there's any news about Anson. Ginny is a good friend and is supportive, knowing what Chris must be going though. She tells Chris she should get out of town to take her mind off things.

Spar is glad--Ginny accepted her pretense of drunkenness, and she had already planned to leave town to follow the kabuki troupe. Now she has an alibi. She breaks into the library and steals Hunter's Grendel mask and fork, then leaves for San Francisco.

Ginny calls her several times while Spar is in 'Frisco hunting down Tujiro. Ginny first lets her know that despite her alibi, the police want to talk to her about the theft of Grendel's things. Chris lies to her about what she's doing, knowing the phone is probably tapped (which it is). Regina gets more and more worried each time she calls, as the police continue to harass her in New York, and she gets more and more suspicious as she hears about Grendel-related events in news. Chris continues to keep her in the dark about what's going on, trying to keep her safe, although it becomes increasingly clear Chris' actions are having a spill-over effect on her friends. They are becoming collateral damage as she continues to act as Grendel. Chris starts to break down, with Regina one of her only touchstones of sanity. They don't directly talk about what she's done, but Regina is starting to get a pretty clear idea.

Ginny in disguise

That night she is picked up for questioning by the New York police and brought to the secret lair of Argent, a mystical humanoid wolf who is the nemesis of Grendel. She freaks out but manages to keep Chris' secrets, and they let her go. When she tells Chris, Chris is irate. Ginny tells her she's coming out to San Francisco. She disguises herself in even crazier clothes than she normally wears, and sneaks by the police that are watching her. She arrives, but unknown to her Chris is at the airport at the same time, getting on a flight back to New York. Chris battled Tujiro and won; he escaped but is stuck in the form of a cat.

Ginny shows up a the Kabuki theater to find it burned down in the battle. However, she meets Brian Li Sung there, whom Chris befriended during her time in the city. They instantly become allies, trying to figure out a way to save their friend from the spiritual whirlpool that is the Grendel identity. They can tell she's trapped in its persona and want to help her become herself again.

Ginny and Brian fly back to New York, but are followed by San Francisco detective Dominic Riley, who has an insane fixation on Brian. He finds Brian and beats him badly. Regina finds Chris and they are very happy to see each other again. Ginny, despite the fact that she knows Chris has lied to her, is still supportive, and they bond together again. Chris says she's all done with what she was doing. They go to find Brian, and when Chris sees what happened, she freaks out--once again her friends are being tormented due to her actions. She leaves and once again takes on the persona of Grendel. She hunts down Riley and kills him.

Describing what it was like to be Grendel

Ginny eventually finds Chris back at her apartment and they talk in depth about the emotional rollercoaster that Chris has gone through, although they still don't explicitly talk about Grendel. Ginny thinks she understands--that Chris was caught up in a maelstrom and was swept along with it. But Chris says she was always in control. They go over to Ginny's apartment, and find that the police have trashed it in a search for Grendel's things. Ginny, always a positive, effervescent person, finally cracks. They've invaded the safety of her home.

Chris leaves in a fury to do something about it. She finds Brian, and discovers that he too was interrogated by Argent. She determines to bring this all to an end, and attacks Argent in his lair. She's finally gone completely over the edge into the Grendel persona.

Regina looks for her at her apartment, but can't find her. She runs into Brian, who is also looking for her. They wrack their brains and finally figure out where Argent lives, based on some hints that Chris dropped. They arrive just after the battle to find both Chris and Argent dead. They are distraught. Later, Brian finds Chris and Hunter Rose's journals, but doesn't share them with Ginny. After reading them, he becomes the next Grendel.

The Devil Inside

Brian stays in New York while reading the journals. He hates life in the city. At first, he and Regina share a few dinners, but they slowly lose their connection. They are depressed about Christine and can't talk about it together.

Regina finds Brian right after he turned into Grendel

Captain Wiggins continues to annoy Ginny, asking her about Chris' journals, and also hitting on her. She rejects him, but gets frustrated and finally goes to Brian's apartment. Brian has never let her see it before because he was ashamed of his relative poverty, compared to her socialite life style. It just so happens that Brian just took on the Grendel identity for the first time earlier that night, assaulting someone. He felt awful, and threw up, right before Regina walked in.

Regina was worried about him, since she could tell he looked terrible. She told him about Wiggins, and tried to spark a conversation, but he insulted her, saying he figured she would jerk Wiggins along like everyone else. Infuriated, Ginny walked out of his life, and out of the life of Grendel.

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