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Reeva Payge was part of Shinobi Shaw's Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Alongside Benazir Kaur and Benedict Kine, Reeva was present when Shinobi captured and drugged Storm in a bid to gain control of her. When Gambit and Bishop arrived to help Storm, Reeva used her powers and emitted a hypersonic sound, causing them to experience dizziness and hallucinations. Gambit was able to stop her by tossing a kinetically charged coin. The coin exploded as it landed on Reeva’s hands and knocked her out.
Eventually, Sebastian Shaw returned and Shinobi's inner circle disbanded. Reeva's subsequent activities remain unknown. It is assumed, however not confirmed, that she was among the 98% of mutants who were depowered post-decimation


Reeva Payge can generate a high note from her vocal cords that directly affects the brain's neurochemistry, distorting perceptions of reality. The note is beyond a normal human's ability to detect sound.

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