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A hired assassin and master of disguise, Rehand is hired by the elite of the world to kill high profile targets and adversaries. He was trained by Kato, but his killer tendencies caused a falling out. He craved more power and sought it at Mount Unzen, the home of the Redhand Assassin's Guild. After eight months, he was able to defeat any of the other assassins.

His final test was an assassination mission that brought him to his former love he had left behind, Aimi. He had no intentions of killing her or being a member of the Guild, but he was followed and Aimi was killed. He returned to Mount Unzen and killed the remaining assassins and their leader Master Yoku, making himself the last Redhand assassin.

Redhand went on to live an emotionless life as a hired assassin, becoming the best in the world. He killed high profile targets around the world, killing hundreds of people for profit, including any innocent bystanders that happened to get in the way.

Redhand was hired by the Juuma Clan to take out his former master, but instead of killing his target he has decided to make it more personal and target those close to Kato as well. He easily defeated the Green Hornet and Kato's daughter Mulan, luring Kato into his trap. He also finally defeated his former master, who he blamed for the misfortune of his life.

He was surprisingly caught off guard and defeated by Clutch Kato with a device of his own design. After his defeat, Kato gave Redhand the choice of turning him into international authorities for his trial and imprisonment or to commit honorable suicide. It is assumed he chose the seppuku.

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