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     Doctor Shep Gunderson, a psychiatrist, was refused his request for funding of a therapeutic program by Mayor J. Jonah Jameson for not being proactive enough.  Upon discovering that the Dark Avenger's Spiderman (really Mac Gargan/Venom) had eaten the limbs off several petty criminals, he brought these criminals together to "redeem" and expose Spiderman.  The members of the team, which was aptly named the Redeemers, were Hippo, Eleven, Dementoid, Doctor Everything, and General Wolfram.  Gunderson let all the team know his secret identity, but led it as the masked mastermind known as the Redeemer.      


      During the first group therapy, Hippo shared her origin of being brought into the human's world by the High Evoltutionary from her happy existance as a zoo creature.  Inspired, General Wolfram told his story of being genetically advance from a wolf by Nazi scientists--however, Redeemer pointed out that he was really only wearing a wolf costume.  Wolfram was distraught, but the group members supported him.  Eleven stated that she only wanted revenge on Spiderman, and Doctor Everything revealed that he had his own arm removed so he could observe humans and no what being like them was.  Redeemer than brought out cyborg limbs he had borrowed and gave them to the teammembers.     

First Confrontation

     Saying a (nonexistant) nuclear bomb would be triggered if Spiderman did not meet them in an abandoned building, the team had there first battle when they confronted the cannibalistic "hero" as a group.  The Redeemer told Spiderman to do therapy, apologize publicly for his actions, and do at least 1000 hours community service.  Spiderman said he would just eat them all, so Eleven attacked him.  In the ensuing battle, Hippo and Eleven were both eaten, and Doctor Everything was arrested.  The other members were overpowered and Venom ate both the arms and legs of the Redeemer.   

Plan B

     Meeting in the psych ward Dr. Gunderson worked at, Redeemer announced he had a "Plan B" to the remaining members (General Wolfram and Dementoid).  Dementoid was unenthusiastic, but the three eventually agreed to send in pictures Redeemer has obtained of Spiderman's cannibalism and instigation of a gang war to Mayor J. Jonah Jameson.  The letters arrived to Jonah, who was delighted.   

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