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Saunders in the Redeemer armor.

Craig Saunders loved to blow things up as a kid. He accidentally blew up his high school lab when he tried to formulate a new explosive. He would join the military and become an explosives expert. His life would fall apart after an incident at National Airport. A terrorist tried to smuggle a bomb through airport security by telling them it was computer parts. Craig would shoot the terrorist and try to disarm the bomb. A hidden switch must have activated the bomb and it was going to blow in five seconds. Craig did not want to sacrifice himself so he threw the luggage towards the restroom area. The explosion ended up killing a mother and her child. The Army no longer wanted anything to do with him after the accident and he drifted aimlessly for awhile. Bruce Banner would recruit him to be part of Project Hulkbuster.

Craig believed he could atone for his mistakes as a member of the Hulkbusters. His first training exercise led to the death of fellow teammate, Carolyn Parmenter after he accidentally shot down her aircraft. Banner's Hulkbuster project was disbanded after Carolyn's funeral. Craig and his former teammates would be recruited by SHIELD to form another Hulkbuster team. His stint with SHIELD would be short lived and the Hulkbuster project would be disbanded. Craig and fellow teammate Samuel LaRoquette would get captured by the Leader and the evil mastermind transformed both of them into Rock and Redeemer.

Craig using the Redeemer Armor was killed in the destruction of Middletown and he was replaced by the reanimated corpse of General Ross.

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