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Catwoman vs Wildcat

At the Lucky 7 Hauling & Storage facility, Giacomo "Jocko" Volpe is explaining to his men how important their next heist is to him and his partner Dutch DeVeer. Claudio Volpe aka Clawhammer comforts his elder sibling by telling him that he has got this job "nailed". Jocko gives Claudio a run down of the operation. Jocko hands Claudio a blue print of the Klondike so his men can get in, grab the cash and make a quick exit. Jocko then explains that Catwoman is being set up as a patsy for the heist. Jocko pretended to be a rival casino owner who wants to bring down the Klondike and he has hired Catwoman to steal the winnings from the impending Unified Heavyweight fight at the Klondike.

Meanwhile, Jimmy "The Diamond" Rio has asked Ted Grant to come to Vegas as a guest speaker for a boxing hall of fame ceremony at the Klondike Casino. Ted arrives at the Klondike and tries his luck with slot machines before heading to the ceremony. Selina starts casing the security detail at the Klondike but then she spots Ted and starts to flirt with him. She compliments Ted on maintaining the title of a "clean champ" while Ted brings up the world championship fight between Jorge "Gila Monster" Hernandez and Tombstone Taylor. Catwoman tells Ted that Tombstone is a devastating counter puncher with vicious left hook and he will be having Hernandez kissing the canvas by the first round. Ted was so impressed by Selina's knowledge on boxer stats that he invites her to the ceremony but she turns him down because of the score she has planned.

Ted watches Selina walk off then he notices a group of mobsters walking to the arena where the fight is about to begin. Among the mobsters are the Dragna twins : Dominic & Vincent. They work for Victor Moretti as his top enforcers. The other gangsters were Louis "The Weed" Campagna: a safe cracker, Fiore "Fi-Fi" Buccieri: a prissy syndicate assassin who specializes in various forms of torture and Angelo "The Buffalo" Bufalino, a massive muscle for hire.

Ted heads back to his hotel room and slips into his Wildcat suit to investigate the mobsters' involvement with the fight. Wildcat observes the gangsters as well as the fight through a window shear on the roof top of the Klondike. Unfortunately, some of Jocko's men were positioned on the roof as back up for Claudio's team. They ambush Wildcat but Ted knocks most of the thugs out except for one who draws a gun on him. Fortunately, Catwoman lends a helping hand by using her whip to swing right into a billboard. Selina kicks the billboard of the adjacent Silver City Casino and the billboard comes crashing down on the gun totting thug.

Wildcat wasn't able to properly thank Catwoman because she had her supposed score to make at the Klondike Casino. Selina breaks into the security room, takes out the guards, disarms the silent alarms and uses acid projectiles to destroy the surveillance that leads to the cash office.

Meanwhile, Hernandez knocks out Taylor and Jocko Volpe becomes beyond outraged. It turns out Hernandez was supposed to take a dive but he refused in the final round. Now, Jocko's payoff is going to be less than what its worth when Claudio steals it. All of sudden, one of Jocko's men comes into the room and tells Jocko that he has an overseas call. Jocko answers the phone and ensures his older brother Luco that the heist is going according to plan. Luco hangs up the phone and is somewhat distressed by Jocko's tone. Luco decides to call in his operative Red Blade and promises him ten percent of the payoff that Claudio is meant to steal. Red Blade's orders are to steal the money from Jocko and to have all participants of the heist eliminated.

As Catwoman makes her way to the cash office, she overhears men pleading for their lives. She opens the cash office door slightly and watches as Clawhammer uses a nail gun to shoot a nail into the foreheads of each cash officer. The gangsters that Wildcat saw earlier are working with Clawhammer by stealing 10 million dollars worth of bets.

Clawhammer and his crew make their getaway through an escape hatch located under the cash office floor. One security guard startles the crew and Fi-Fi shoots him. The security guard is wounded but Fi-Fi continues to visit punishment on the guard because some of the guard's blood spattered on Fi-Fi's tailor-cut Cevennes suit. Fi-Fi pistol whips the guard's face until its nothing but mush.

Selina follows the crew to the roof of the Klondike Casino where the Klass TV news chopper has just landed for tv coverage on the fight. Wildcat throws the remainder of Jocko's boys into one big dog pile that he made then he hears screaming. Clawhammer's men kill the news crew and Selina joins forces with Wildcat. Wildcat and Selina make short work of Clawhammer as well as his crew. They throw the thugs into the casino pool and Wildcat holds onto the stolen cash.

At first, everything is going so well until Wildcat and Catwoman come under attack by Red Blade's machine gun chopper. Catwoman and Wildcat dodge the spray of bullets until Selina throws one of her bolas into the tail rotor blades of Red Blade's chopper. The chopper loses control and comes crashing down onto the roof of the Klondike Casino. Wildcat throws the bag full of money onto the pool deck as he and Selina jump into the casino's pool to avoid the chopper. Red Blade abandons his chopper to go after Jocko. In the pool, Catwoman and Wildcat notice that Clawhammer and his crew have made their escape. Wildcat grabs the bag of money while Selina looks around to find Clawhammer or his crew.

Clawhammer and his crew hijack a tourist bus then head out to the rendezvous point at Hughes Hangar which was located outside of Vegas. Jocko and his partner DeVeer try to get out of the casino before the police respond to the helicopter crash on the roof. Unfortunately, Red Blade breaks down the door to Jocko's office and sets everything ablaze. DeVeer and some of their showgirls scream in agony as the fires engulf Jocko's office. Red Blade grabs Jocko and heads down to the parking lot for a getaway car. Red Blade ties Jocko to the front of a motor cycle while listening to the police band from his helmet. Clawhammer's stolen bus is crashing into oncoming traffic on Highway 60.

Catwoman asks Wildcat where he has been since the incident with Ernie Chubb. Wildcat tells Catwoman that he has been hanging his gloves in an apartment located above Guy Gardner's bar Warriors. Suddenly, Catwoman and Wildcat hear Clawhammer's tour bus crashing into other cars on the Vegas strip. The duo jump onto the runaway bus and Wildcat punches a hole into the roof of the bus. Wildcat rips open a part of the roof and goes another round with Clawhammer and his crew. Catwoman crashes through the windshield and knocks out "Buffalo" Bufalino who was driving the tour bus.

Catwoman takes control of the bus but police eventually catch up to the bus on Highway 60. Catwoman veers the bus onto Highway 35. Wildcat wipes the floor with Clawhammer and his crew again but Selina has to outrun the police. She notices a parking lot below the freeway that was coming up. Selina drives the bus off the freeway and into the parking lot. Wildcat and the thugs get shaken up by the crash. Selina leaves Wildcat and the thugs unconscious for the police while she makes off with the money.

The police arrive and arrest Wildcat, Clawhammer and his crew. The police place all the suspects in a paddy wagon for transfer to the precinct. Unfortunately, Red Blade caught up with the police and commandeered the wagon. Red Blade puts Jocko in the passenger seat and calls Luco Volpe to let him know that he has everyone who was involved in the heist.

Catwoman is overjoyed to have finally gotten a hold of the money but then she feels guilty about leaving Wildcat to the cops. She stashes the cash and tails the paddy wagon holding Wildcat on a bike. Selina becomes even more curious when the wagon heads to Hughes Hangar instead of the police station. Selina watches as Red Blade escorts all of his prisoners onto Luco's plane. Selina sneaks into the cargo bay of the plane and the plane takes off for its departure.

The plane lands on an island in the Western Hemisphere called Hasaragua. Selina recognizes the island because she remembers a rumor going around Gotham about a gangster who dissected a few FBI agents that were trying to take down his organization in Vegas. The gangster in question was Luciano Volpe and after becoming a mafia refugee, he decided buy the island as a safe house. Luco left Jocko in charge of the family business in Vegas while he ran things from behind the shadows. Selina also noticed that Luco has komodo dragons as guard dogs.

Selina observes from a far and watches as Luco interrogates Jocko about where the money is. Jocko tells Luco that their mother was right about Luco being a screw loose. Luco laughs off Jocko's insult by reminding him what he did to their sweet mother. Luco grows tired of questioning Jocko especially since he was their mother's favorite so he puts a power drill through Jocko's head. Luco then turns his attention to Clawhammer's crew. He tells Red Blade to incinerate them except for Clawhammer and Wildcat. Selina makes her move to get closer and free Wildcat

Clawhammer's crew are burnt to a crisp and Luco directs his questions to Clawhammer. Clawhammer refuses to answer Luco's questions so Luco orders Red Blade to sever Clawhammer's hands off with a chainsaw. Wildcat watches in horror as Clawhammer screams in agony as his hands are cut from his wrists. Luco cauterizes Clawhammer's wounds then he focuses on Wildcat.

Luco interrogates Wildcat with a tazer to his gut. The adrenalin and aggravation of being tazered causes Wildcat to break his chains and unleash a world of hurt on Luco and Red Blade. Catwoman frees Clawhammer from his bonds and Clawhammer goes after Luco for family vengeance. Wildcat and Catwoman contend with Red Blade while Clawhammer puts Luco in a headlock and snaps his neck.

Red Blade's anger causes him to spray his flame thrower everywhere. The flames causes a propane tank to explode which causes the room to catch fire. Wildcat knocks out Red Blade and Selina gets Clawhammer to safety. Wildcat follows behind them but Red Blade surprises Wildcat from behind and drags him back into the inferno. Selina tries to go after him but Ted tells her to get out.

Selina follows Ted's order and heads outside with Clawhammer. Selina watches as Luco's home burns to the ground. Just when all hope was lost, Red Blade jumps out of a window. Selina readies herself for another fight but then Red Blade removes his helmet. It turns out to be Ted. Wildcat made sure Red Blade stayed down for the final count and took his body armor to escape the burning Spanish villa. Red Blade and Luco were now ash.

Selina and Ted load Clawhammer into Luco's plane and prepare to take off. Selina asks Ted if he would like to go to Rio or Paris for their second date. Ted looks at Selina with a puzzled look then smiles. Selina and Ted engage a passionate kiss as they fly into the night.

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