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Red Webo is Team Mulder
Red Webo was a brilliant man but also an extremely paranoid conspiracy theorist. Once, Nick Fury leaked a file containing the incomplete design specifications for one of Galileo's inventions on the internet for only thirty-eight minutes, and in that time, over two thousand people found and downloaded it. Red was one of these people.  
More importantly, Red was the only one of these people to crack the file's encryption, which alerted Fury to his existence. Red went to work trying to complete Galileo's invention, something he would call a portable creation engine.


Red Webo was created by Jonathan Hickman and first illustrated by David Marquez in the pages of Secret Warriors. He was listed in Nick Fury's Caterpillar list that was included in the back of the first issue, but he did not actually debut until one of the final issues of the series along with the rest of Team Gray, one of the three Secret Warriors teams.

Major Story Arcs

Wheels Within Wheels

Team Gray's deaths
Shortly after Red Webo completed his portable creation engine, he was found by Mikel Fury and Carlos Ayala much to his shock and panic. He calmed down when they proved to him that they were sent by the man who gave him Galileo's plans and showed them what he had accomplished. Upon proving that he was not simply a nut, he was recruited into Team Gray, one of three Secret Warriors teams being used by Fury in a secret war against HYDRA and Leviathan.

Nearly a year passed with Red as a member of Team Gray, and Fury's secret war was quickly coming to its endgame. His team was sent to take out a HYDRA stronghold hidden within the Indian Ocean. This mission apparently went bad with Red and the rest of Team Gray all dying in the course of destroying the base.  

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