Swarm/Insect Queen?

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A lot of ppl, including myself, assumed that when they called her the Insect Queen of the Liberators they actually meant Swarm. But there are a lot of discrepancies that don't really fit. Swarm was a mutant from Syria. Petra is a Georgian scientist woman, not a mutant.

IMO the Insect Queen is not Swarm, but is this just sloppy writing, maybe we are to believe she was a part of the invading forces and not one of the core Liberators, or maybe this is all a more complex thing that Fury has set up and will be developed in the future?

i dont know, I'm just wondering what people think out here. I mean really... if she is Swarm... they couldnt have just said "She was Swarm of the Liberators"? Its not that hard to look up what her name was... not to mention the backstories do not match at all.

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@kamionero: Swarm was a completely different character! how on earth did they get mixed-up?!

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