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Child or husband

Previously, Petra Laskov was married to Nikolai Laskov. Nikolai Laskov was an activist in his native Georgia. However, the Red Skull has worked for the enemy Laskov and was ordered to kill Nikolai. Red Skull held Petra, Nikolai, and their baby son hostage. Petra had to choose: to kill her husband with a pair of old scissors or Skull will kill the child. It took an hour of stabbing before her husband finally died, but the Skull had deceived her and threw the baby out the window; Skull's men then raped her.

As Insect Queen (Swarm)


Later Petra joined the team of terrorists, The Liberators, under the alias Swarm. Swarm was considered a mutant girl, and could control the insects. Soon, The Liberators attacked America, but the Ultimates were able to defeat them. Swarm was believed killed when a giant-sized Wasp stepped on her.

As Red Wasp

Wasp Sting

After being healed, Petra joined SHIELD for their rehabilitation program. They also inserted a chip obedience in her, in case she does not follow orders. She killed several terrorists and joined The Avengers. Together they caught Captain America, and then they were sent to catch the Red Skull. But when they came he owned the Cosmic Cube and had made the AIM agents eat each other. Red Skull found Petra and greeted her. Angry War Machine attacked the Red Skull. However, the Red Skull had the advantage. Even the appearance of Captain America, who arrived at the Teleporter Jet, has not helped. Red Skull threatened Petra, which can cause she once again experienced the death of her husband. But the Red Skull pierced Captain America with the tip of Teleporter Jet. After Skull said goodbye to his mother in the hospital and visited Nick Fury. Skull said to him that he wanted to make a fortune for himself with the hubble Cosmic Cube. But Fury allow Petra shoot Skull.


Petra can monitor a large number of insects. As Wasp, she can shrink in size and with Wasp Sting paralyze any enemy. Also, it can fly at high speeds, thus be "live bullet."

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