Was the red tornado miniseries any good?

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I was thinking about buying it, but i have no idea how good (or bad) it is

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Red Tornado has never been that popular and I have not heard of Red Tornado in the New 52. He has had 2 mini series or limited series so far. To avoid wasting time thinking about it, just buy everything dc has.

In Earth 2 #5 Red Tornado body is mentioned being still under construction.

It looks like dc has no use for the Red Tornado on the main earth.


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Yeah, it's pretty good. Not the best thing ever, but pretty good.

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I read it, it was decent but not great

its pretty good if you liked Mcduffie's JLA era

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The other Red androids from the last mini series sort of showed up in the Young Justice cartoons.

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@Spectre108: @arnoldoaad: Thanks for the replies guys

I dont know how i didnt notice them for so long lol

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