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The background of the Red Terror is unknown. His true name was only revealed in  "Marvel Mystery Handbook - 70th Anniversary Special" (2009). 
He organized a criminal gang which was ruthless enough to cause massive loss of life. Their secret lair was a fortress made of solid steel. The Red Terror had several pet lions serve as a welcoming committee for annoying visitors. His most notable equipment was a rocket-powered zeppelin. It could fly at speeds comparable to those of the Top.

The Red Terror first gained the attention of the public when orchestrating a train wreck. Passengers and crew were either killed or severely injured. Leaving the Terror and his gang free to escape with the money transferred. However, the wreck was reported by a passerby. The incident became the top news item of the day. Causing the Human Top, who was getting bored, to investigate. He was able to track the Terror to his hideout and bypass every security measure. 

The Terror fled on his zeppelin. But left the Human top with a parting gift. He bombed a nearby dam, causing an instant flood. He hoped that this would be enough to drown his enemy. Bruce realized that he could not simply flee as the waters would destroy "hundreds of farms and homes" in the area. He had to drill a way for the water. He then retaliated by tracking down the zeppelin and destroyed it. The Human Terror fell from the skies to his death. Killed as intended.

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