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Red Squad is a group of elite cadets that have a secret/non secret society in Starfleet Academy.  The squad would get in trouble when on a sabotaging mission against their own planet.  They were following the orders of Admiral James Leyton who also lost everything when true colors as traitor was revealed.  Only Matt Decker refused to go along with the mission. The squad was dismantled at this time.

Team Evolution

 Red Squad At Chow
At some-point the squad was assembled and Riley Aldrin Shepard was still a part of the squad.  There were on a training mission when they were attacked by the dominion killing all the instructors.  Red Squad took control of the ship and fought several successful battles.  Even Nog joined the crew when he and Jake Sisko were recused by their ship.  It wasn't long however until they faced a disaster that killed the whole crew but Nog, Jake Sisko and one other crew member.

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