Red Sonja Finds Love?

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I know I have mentioned this in the past. One series that I feel is often overlooked and underrated is Dynamite Entertainment's Queen Sonja, a series that branches off of the popular Red Sonja series. Earlier today, Dynamite announced the release of the eighth issue in the comic book series.


32 pages  $2.99   

In Queen Sonja #8, the all-new adventures of fantasy’s most fantastic heroine continue from Dynamite, writer Arvid ( Kull) Nelson and Jackson Herbert! Has the throne and her discovered royalty finally allowed Sonja to at last find love? Find out in this issue!

The idea that Sonja may actually "find love" seems, at least to me, so out of character for the commanding female. I mean, if Conan could not handle her, then whom? I feel like she would be pretty tough to date. One interesting thing I noticed was the writer for that particular issue, Arvid Nelson. For those of you unfamiliar with Nelson's work, he was previously the writer for KULL, a six issue mini-series published by Dark Horse which dealt with many of the similar concepts and plot devices that can be found in Sonja's books. You can check out the preview for the series which was released about two years ago on the Dark Horse website. Personally, I thought the art and the writing was beautiful. I'm looking forward to picking up this issue and seeing what kind of guy it takes to handle a girl like Red Sonja, what about you?
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If Conan can't handle Red Sonja, ain't nobody can handle Red Sonja.
Kull was also mentioned (and briefly seen) in Dark Horse's Conan series. Man I love how all these characters connect in really abstract ways sometimes.
I have this feeling that it won't be a straight warrior type or hero guy that Sonja falls for (if she really does). I think it'll be probably the opposite, like a straight and narrow, morally-right-compass kind of hero, rather than the badass like Conan. If only because it wouldn't make any sense, haha.
I should really read more Red Sonja. The only issues I've read with her in them were old Conan ones. Hmm.

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I loved the Kull mini-series.

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Sonja may have fallen in love but she may only lay with him if he defeats her. It would be an interesting twist if he lost.

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gah, I keep falling behind with this series, it was good from what I read but I suck at keeping up with current comics in general, I'm more about the reading it all after it's completed...I need to catch up, this seems interesting

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Maybe it's a blind swordsman of sorts who wasn't distracted by her lack of armor.  Actually that's just terrible.  Or perhaps Red got tired of hanging out in all those barbarian taverns and having to eventually maim every guy who approaches/courts her.  That has to get old after however many years she's been a professional buttstomper.   But with that said I've really liked the Mike Carey-scripted Sonja stories from the past few years.  Queen Sonja is something I've definitely fallen behind in reading unfortunately.

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@robokungfu said:

" Maybe it's a blind swordsman of sorts who wasn't distracted by her lack of armor.  Actually that's just terrible. "

Actually, I think that's a pretty good idea.
Everyone who usually goes after Red Sonja (and as you pointed out, she usually maims/kills) always seemed to go after her just for her looks. If it was a blind man who appreciated her for her other traits, like her bravery, skills, intelligence, personality, etc., it'd make sense for her to fall for him.
Wow, obvious moral right there, haha.
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I'd be interested, if at least slightly, who is the more commanding presence in the relationship. I would hope i would be Sonja. Seeing how it's her series. If just to keep her from being the pining over type of characters. Just for the love of Pete, let us hope this isn't a Superman and Lois type of relationship where she's always having to save him from trouble.
I do like that the idea that Sonja finding love is more posed as a question. The cover image is nice. I like that she's looking to the viewer. You aren't quite sure if whatever fate that befell the one currently in her grasp is also meant for you next.

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I thought it might be a terrible idea because it seems like something that could be easily mishandled into something a bit too cheesy.  But the blind swordsman could equally impress Red for his own bravery and skillfulness.  He'd would have also probably heard the nemedian bards songs about a human killing machine who happens to be a major babe with a surprising amount of human compassion.  Every barbarian dude's ideal woman.  

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Oh, so if Conan can't handle her, no one can? Conan's a putz.

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This series is great.  It is odd to see a real love in her life.  But as long as they don't make her gay i trust this team.
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@Jotham:  Ha!
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She always says that the man who beds her has to defeat her in battle.... what about a woman?  I haven't followed the Queen Sonja stuff yet (no trades available yet)... but would rather see her fall in love with a woman.  I feel that would be waaay more in character.  Have they been progressing or been implying that she's gonna fall for a man?  
She totally should be going for a woman... not a man.

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@Green ankh said:
" This series is great.  It is odd to see a real love in her life.  But as long as they don't make her gay i trust this team. "
Eh, to each their own.. I think it would be better.
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Is Red Sonja the inspiration for She-Beard?

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What.  Is. That.

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@CaptHowdy: from Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart's Seaguy, she has the same "only a man who can best in her in swordplay can be with her" mentality
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Everyone deserves the opportunity to know love. It makes the battle worth fighting for even more.

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@Illyana Rasputin said:
" Everyone deserves the opportunity to know love. It makes the battle worth fighting for even more. "
true, so true...
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I know a character who could go after Red Sonja not because of her looks.
It's Wolfhound from the Grey Hounds clan, character from Russian fantasy novels by Maria Semyonova. He is a barbarian-like character too, but unlike Conan, Wolfhound's tribe was matriarchal. The fierce and fearless warrior, he is willing to die to protect a woman. And he'd rather cut off his arm than think about taking the woman by force. In fact, several times when he met rapists, he showed no mercy for them. 
I think, Wolfhound, being the opposite of 'male pigs' Sonja always maims and kills, had much better chances with Sonja. 
Here's a couple of scans from the unfinished comic book about Wolfhound. It's up to you to decide whether he has the skills to defeat Sonja in combat.

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