Megan Fox is RED SONJA?

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 She would PROBABLY dye her hair red. Relax.

Red Sonja can slay blood-thirsty barbarians and fire-breathing dragons without batting an eyelash, but there’s this one monster - - who’s green and made of paper - - that’s giving her quite a struggle. The last we heard of the RED SONJA movie set to star Rose McGowan was last September, when the actress stated that the movie was delayed and she had to push it out of her work schedule for 2009 in hopes that she’d still do it in 2010. Today, according to Pajiba, she’ll have to push it out of her schedule entirely because the production company Millennium Films wants Megan Fox, instead. In fact, they’ve already made the actress an offer. The director, Douglas Aarniokoski, has cut off, too, while it seems like Robert Rodriguez is still attached to produce.  Millennium’s currently shooting their reboot of Conan and McGowan’s still attached for a minor role in that, although it looks that the role won’t be Red Sonja, despite what’s on IMDB.

It’s a bit puzzling that a film that looked so close to unsheathing its sword, so to speak, would undergo such a significant turnover. Millennium released not one, not two, but three posters of McGowawn as the sword-wielding she-devil at last year’s Comic Con (and they’re viewable down below). So what happened? The culprit seems to be the green paper monster I mentioned earlier, as the recession caused some key investors to pull out, even this far in the game. I wonder if those posters are going to become rare collector’s items, now?

But enough about that. What about Fox, oh blood-haired Comic Vine community? Would you want to see her as the lady barbarian? Do you prefer her over McGowan? Or, if you don’t like either of them, who would YOU want to play Red Sonja?

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I don't know how to feel about this.
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well i wont be watching this
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Someone slap her

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That's something that'll happen when all the fans actually watch the movie. I can see it now, a street full of corpses.
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@Comiclove5 said:
" I don't know how to feel about this. "
Tentative apparently...although might I suggest horrified,dismayed,perturbed etc...
#7 Posted by joshmightbe (24842 posts) - - Show Bio
how bout diagusted, angry, annoyed
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megan fox can't act

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   .... U TROLLIN!!!!!!
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I can clearly picture RHONA MITRA as Red Sonja. Hell, I'd gladly pay money to go see a movie with RHONA MITRA as RED SONJA anytime! but NOT Megan Fox, PUH-LEEZ, gee, that girl couldn't act to save her life! -- Rhona is fit and gorgeous, and she'll look great in that chain-mail, who's wioth me!? -- The hair? Well, she could dye it, but I'm sure McGowan's was also powered by a digital treatment anyway.

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How about casting someone who actually looks like they could swing a sword? You know? Someone who looks a bit athletic rather than emaciated.

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@hdorman1 said:
Could not have said it better myself. 
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@hdorman1: Pretty much this.
#14 Posted by Silver Knight75 (1131 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd rather have McGowan play Poison Ivy

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Really?  I don't understand why they'd make an offer to Megan Fox if they are trying to save $.  Is McGowan too expensive?  Makes no sense to me.  McGowan would make a far better Red Sonja.   Hard to believe they'd drop her after all press about it.   
I would prefer someone else entirely, again, an unknown or relatively unknown actress.  Well, maybe if they would consider Jessica Biel with red hair, that would be sweet.  
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Yay! Catwoman will finally have a contestant for worst movie ever! But seriously we cant be sure how it will come out until it done, Personally I prefer mcgowan but not by that much.

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You've got to be kidding me....

#19 Posted by Agent Buttons (12411 posts) - - Show Bio
@hdorman1: LMFAO
#20 Posted by Green ankh (998 posts) - - Show Bio

McGowan was a poor choicer.  Fox is way way worse. Atleast we know Rose can act.
#21 Posted by CellphoneGirl (18766 posts) - - Show Bio

Aww, i would of loved to see Rose play as her :/

#22 Posted by robokungfu (177 posts) - - Show Bio


#23 Posted by Dane (10656 posts) - - Show Bio

If this happens it'll be utterly terrible.

#24 Posted by carnivalofsins00 (925 posts) - - Show Bio

Megan Fox is pretty hot, just not much of an actor. lol.
#25 Posted by Chane (538 posts) - - Show Bio

That would be awesome

#26 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (7670 posts) - - Show Bio

NO!!!!!!!!!!!   Rose Mcgown is so much better

#27 Posted by Aerik (68 posts) - - Show Bio

Those original barbarian movies were barely watchable. Passable reboot. Colan passable.

#28 Posted by Blindside002 (226 posts) - - Show Bio

This had better be a joke.....If this isn't then I'm losing all faith in movies, I may just end up watching CGI films.
#29 Posted by Sparda (15795 posts) - - Show Bio

Unlike the casting for the new Conan movie, I am definitely not satisfied with this.

#30 Posted by DMC (1553 posts) - - Show Bio

I guess they don't want someone who could play a convincing warrior women from the middle ages (or whenever it is). Nope.....they just want a cosplay model

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Red Sonja? I'm am not!

#32 Posted by thatlad (593 posts) - - Show Bio

Megan Fox should be in porn and not much else

#33 Posted by defaultdefaultdefault (16905 posts) - - Show Bio

odd how according to the internet Megan is playing every single in role in every single movie,
especially the ones that arent out yet. isnt she playing both Wonder Woman and She-Hulk as well
(those movies were released last year, right?)lol. 
i mean seriously. the article actually says this make the promotional poster fro the movie
moot now? doesnt the fact that there was no Red Sonya movie in production, and definatly 
not released in 2009, the fact that  Rodriguez is not even working on this, and that Fox herself has said nothing make this, i dunno, questionable? 

wow. look at the poster for the new movie coming out in 2009!!! lmao!
BTW: if anyone is interested, Jesus will be returning...tomorrow at 8:00 sharp. 
just wow, people.

#34 Posted by Erik (33327 posts) - - Show Bio
@thatlad said:
" Megan Fox should be in porn and not much else "
Maybe she could do a Red Sonja theme porn title.
#35 Posted by Vance Astro (91684 posts) - - Show Bio

Rose and Megan are both wrong for the part.People keep saying "at least Rose can act" like she's had some award winning performances.She's pretty weak too.Neither of them have the body for it.Rose has the experience "pretending" to fight on Charmed but she was terrible at it.It's safe to say they need to look away from household names\well known actresses and look elsewhere.Megan can take her A cups somewhere else,I'm not going to see Red Sonja with her in it.Unless she's inserted somewhere in the movie as an extra and gets naked.

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As sexy as Megan Fox is she's not right for the part. She's just too delicate & small for Red Sonja. 
Not that I was crazy about Rose playing her, but I'd rather have her than Megan.
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A picture tells a million words. Seriously. 
I want ROSE.
#38 Posted by Matezoide2 (15999 posts) - - Show Bio

god no
#39 Posted by Xion (247 posts) - - Show Bio

i wanted to see Rose as Sonya D:

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This is really upsetting. I agree with Green ankh- McGowan was not a great choice in the first place but I really, really hate Megan Fox.

 Just pretend that right hook is going for Megan Fox's face.
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 I was excited to hear that McGowan was in it. (I thought she was an awesome pick)
 I'm disappointed, and am now there's no chance I'm watching this if Megan Fox is Sonja.

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At least this hopefully means she won't be Wonder Woman... if that EVER actually happens.

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Go away Megan!  GO AWAY. I want Rose ... ROSE.
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Did someone tell them April Fools is over with already?

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"The She-Devil With A Sword... and a thumb that looks like a toe."

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I care deeply about which attractive female with minimal acting ability plays Red Sonja. Wait, no I don't, that movie will almost certainly be absolutely terrible no matter who they cast.

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Shouldn't Red Sonja be someone with more curves?

#48 Posted by Erik (33327 posts) - - Show Bio

Like Christina Hendricks?

#49 Posted by tensor (5631 posts) - - Show Bio

hell no, megan fox should stop acting now ,no way i am watching this.

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@erik said:
" Like Christina Hendricks? "

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