Red Skull Video Review for villain fans

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Captain America movie coming soon and one of Marvel's top rated villains is bound to make another screen appearance. Red Skull has always been and ever will be one of my most favorite comic villains, the prime ingredient that knows how to make a comic book look badass. 
Villain among villains, in my own opinion, none could top this guy (besides Lex Luthor), as much as I wanna say why, well if you have the time to sacrifice, it's all in my "What is a Red Skull" video. 
-so I hope you enjoy,  WARNING, ITS QUITE LONG, which is how I like to make my videos. 
So Lady's, Gentlemen, and fellow Baddies I proudly introduce the worst of the worst, Hitlers number one, and Marvel most horrible. 
The Red Skull. 

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