Red Skull Appreciation Theard

#1 Posted by T.J. Magnum (25922 posts) - - Show Bio

This for Captain America's greatest foe and one of my favorite villians

#2 Posted by silli bill (241 posts) - - Show Bio

i love red skull,he is very underrated badguy

#3 Posted by Last_Guardian (28230 posts) - - Show Bio

very racist tho...but he really does complement Captain America...I hear he's really messing with the new Cap...

#4 Posted by T.J. Magnum (25922 posts) - - Show Bio

he is not natzi anymore,but yeah still racist

#5 Posted by Midnight Lantern (5974 posts) - - Show Bio

You're respecting a Nazi?

slaps TJ upside his head

#6 Posted by T.J. Magnum (25922 posts) - - Show Bio

Midnight Lantern says:

"You're respecting a Nazi? **slaps TJ upside his head**"

not respecting him for that.

respecting him for being a good villian

#7 Posted by T.J. Magnum (25922 posts) - - Show Bio

#8 Posted by Firestormnuclerman (2581 posts) - - Show Bio

He's on my top ten list of the 10 Eviliest Super Villains in the Marvel Universe. Overall he's one one of the best Super Villains in the Marvel Universe, and one of the most frightning. 
If he appears in a Captain America movie again I hope they do justice to him. A Italian Facist is just crap when most depictions he's a Grotesque Nazi.
BTW DC's Black Mask face seems way to close to Red Skull.

#9 Posted by lolidude (119 posts) - - Show Bio

I hate captain America. That's why i like red skull. LOL

#10 Posted by geometry (1243 posts) - - Show Bio

What loser spelled "thread" like that?

#11 Posted by War Killer (20954 posts) - - Show Bio
geometry said:
What loser spelled "thread" like that?
Man typo's happen, so don't just calll them a loser
#12 Posted by MTHarman (824 posts) - - Show Bio

Out of all the hero's in the Marvel Universe, Captain America has the best villian counterpart that I have seen. Some might disagree with that, but Red Skull takes villiany to a whole new level than the natural ones. As a former full blown nazi to some obssessive  world dominating madman trying so hard to demoralize and degrade america by finding ways to torment Captain America. He isn't the best fighter and lord knows how many times this man has died, but the Red Skull has been one of the most serious threats that the hero's of the Marvel Universe ever encountered.
#13 Posted by Dracade102 (8452 posts) - - Show Bio

*Cough Coughs* Dusty old thread needs some rebooting. Especially since the Red Skull's getting to become a bigger part of the MU through the new Cap movie, his daughter's roll in Fear Itself and his own origin story being revisited in Red Skull: Incarnate.

#14 Posted by MTHarman (824 posts) - - Show Bio

Holy s**t, thats my comment from a year ago.  
Seeing how Red Skull has almost huge ass Wiki page (thanks to me), Red Skull is beyond gaining an appreciation thread.
#15 Posted by Nova`Prime` (4172 posts) - - Show Bio

Red Skull has always been and will always be one of my top three favorite villains.
Also I just love the Doom mask with a frown in that one pic.

#16 Posted by Dracade102 (8452 posts) - - Show Bio

Red Skull: Father of the Year  


Great team player with other baddies  


And Awesome Businessman   

#17 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

One of Marvel's best villains, imo.

#18 Posted by AMS (1357 posts) - - Show Bio

Truly underrated, hopefully he gets a new lease of life thanks to the movie.

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