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How did the Red Skull come to look the way he does, Was he born that way or was he part of an experiment gone wrong, or an accident?

And why, especially if born that way, were Hitler and the Nazis accepting of him, seeing how he was disfigured?

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Hmmm, if only there was a website where people could look up comicbook characters. I mean I wish there was some place you could go and browse through the history of comicbook characters. Man, that would be cool.

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what now, google it, already did, thanks for the answer wikipedia

why so gd condescending all the time?

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Actually it does. Its the last sentence before Powers and Abilities

"During this time, he battled with Steve Rogers and accidentally dosed himself with the Dust of Death which gave him the red skull permanently."

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Don't worry, I'll wait for ya to take your foot outta your mouth.

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thats not why he originally had a red skull, it was a mask given him by Hitler.

Which is why the red skull page now has this line "Hitler gave Johann the Mask of the "Red Skull" as a tool to be the embodiment of NAZI intimidation."

so why insert my foot when I can insert words to make a page better. you on the other hand should wear a sign that says "Insert here daily".
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The current Red Skull wears a mask.
Johann was shot and killed in Captain America #1 (volume 5).  With a little help from the Cosmic Cube, he now possesses Alexander Lukin and when appering as the Red Skull wears a mask.

1940s-Captain America #350 Wore a mask
Cap #350 (vol. 1)-Captain America #1 (volume 5) Own Dust of Death turned his face into a literal Red Skull
Present-wears a mask

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Of course now the Red Skull doesn't even have a head.  I wonder if he will start calling himself the Red Flat screen.  Maybe Red Plasma.

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Maybe it's a mask, but it allows Johann to move his mouth and eyes as if it's his real face. Or maybe he was disfigured but Hitler thought it'd be a good method of scaring the enemies of the Reich.

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