First Look at Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger

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Entertainment Weekly has shared their exclusive first look at Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt, aka the Red Skull
The movie is due on July 22 and Entertainment Weekly spoke with director Joe Johnston about what makes Cap interesting and relatable, the movie being set during WWII and why he'd rather direct Cap over someone like Superman. Check out the full interview here.
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That looks amazing!! Truly great job, let's hope it looks smooth in the film.

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i dont like the face :(

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Red Skull looks good in this!

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Awesome make up!  This movie will be excellent, unless it sucks.

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Why isn't he dressed in traditional Nazi uniform? Lame!

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@Atari_Graphics: He's leading HYDRA in the movie so they gave hive the H straps
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Nice work with the skull

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He looks unhappy about Entertainment Weekly looking over his shoulder.

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wow. looks intimidating!
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That is some really great-looking make-up there; plenty believable!
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I'm suprised he isn't wearing a swastika, but then again, I guess Nazi imagery in a WWII movie would be crazy. 
Seriously though, he looks amazing.
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Really cool
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Not bad at all

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wow, he looks incredible 
really really good
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hmmm Red Skull is hard to make look good.
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@Moomin123: Red Skull is too crazy for the Nazis too handy!
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 yet i can still see hugo weaving under there. lol

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@KJPPPimp said:
" @Atari_Graphics: He's leading HYDRA in the movie so they gave hive the H straps "
If they dont make him clearly be a Nazi then this movie has failed before it even comes out.
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Sweet, looks good.  I think the whole Nazi imagery wouldn't bode well for the movie so Hydra is a better bet.  Plus Hydra will probably be an easier option to tie in the other movies as time goes on.  Nazi's aren't quite the threat they used to be.

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@Atari_Graphics said:
" @KJPPPimp said:
" @Atari_Graphics: He's leading HYDRA in the movie so they gave hive the H straps "
If they dont make him clearly be a Nazi then this movie has failed before it even comes out. "
So you wan't a Red Skull who kills Jews and fights the Allied Forces, then create the Cosmic Cube and try to rule the world?
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Now that's Red Skull
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OH MY GOSH!  Thats just like the comics.

Do you think his Red Skulled Face will be the result of the Cosmic Cube?  Like his deforms his face to be as twisted and evil as he is inside?
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@NightFang said:
" @Atari_Graphics said:
" @KJPPPimp said:
" @Atari_Graphics: He's leading HYDRA in the movie so they gave hive the H straps "
If they dont make him clearly be a Nazi then this movie has failed before it even comes out. "
So you wan't a Red Skull who kills Jews and fights the Allied Forces, then create the Cosmic Cube and try to rule the world? "
Well he didnt create the Cosmic Cube but yeah, every thing else. 
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I bet at most he'll mention Hitler and his "regime" as short-sighted, not mentioning the Nazis or Germany by name if at all possible. He'll probably be an independant third party looking to take over both sides of the conflict. 
I swear our world is retarded. I'm not trying to single out any one race here, but we all had relatives back then who suffered tragic losses in World War II. The mere fact that someone mentions or makes something referencing it can be sued by people who decended from people who were involved is preposterous. 
Yes, that's right... Germany at the time of World War II was controlled by Hitler and his Nazi regime. That's historical fact. Yes, they persecuted and killed countless Jews, along with others. That's a historical fact. If I make a movie about that time and it portrays that, I shouldn't be able to be sued by modern day Germans who claim I'm putting them in a bad light or by modern day Jews because I'm bringing up bad memories of events that happened, but not directly to them personally. 
Morons like that are the reason Bumblebee had to be remade into a Camaro. Volkwagon got freaked out by all the present day Jews who were filing lawsuits against them for their supposed past involvement in the Holocaust (you know, since Nazi soldiers used their products in their campaign). These same morons will probably screw us out of our Nazi-associated Red Skull.
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wow... That's impressive :D
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finally a supervillain in a movie who look like he does in the comics
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UM WOW That's it

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It's been confirmed that there will be Nazis in the movie, but Skull is leading a seperate eliete branch of them, i.e. Hydra, so no need to worry, Cap will be whooping plenty of Nazi behinds, but that's why Skull is sporting Hydra threads instead of a Nazi uniform.
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Red Skull looks like a Badass!! 
Can't even tell if he his Nazi.
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That looks AMAZING!

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I dig.

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Looks pretty cool.

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He looks very similiar to the 1990 version.
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from my understanding of what's been posted on the web so far, the point behind this version of Captain America is that while the main war effort is against Hitler and the Nazi's (so yes to all you that want to get on rants about Hollywood covering up the historical facts of WWII) the Allies discover that a seperate organizations (Hydra) is using the distraction of the war to push their own plans. So in this adaptation the Red Skull, though he works with the Nazi's at the beginning and may have even pushed Hitler into the war (sort of like Vandal Savage in the DC Universe), actually works for or is the leader of Hydra and is using the Nazi's for his own purposes. It's this realization (and from what I've read a particular event involving Allied troops being slaughtered by Hydra forces) that forces the U.S. to actually put Captain America on the battlefield and create/put under his command the Howling Commandos. 
of course until we get more trailers this spring this information could be wrong but I don't think Marvel is going to shy away from placing the history of WWII in its films given they didn't shy away from terrorism in Iron Man, the Cold War in Iron Man 2, the Cuban Missile Crisis that will be seen in X-Men: First Class or military conspiracies and black ops projects in The Incredible Hulk.

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So wait...Capt. America isn't fighting Nazi's in a movie that takes place during World War 2?...sigh! ...Paint me annoyed that Red Skull isn't leader of a NAZI he should be. And don't give me the "Society is too sensitive for Nazi's," BS excuse. Indiana Jones has been getting away with it for decades!

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He looks freaking brilliant!
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That Is Very Awesome...
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Looks pretty awesome I must say.

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HYDRA belt buckle.

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Anyone, -anyone- who says this looks bad is wrong. Straight up wrong. This looks incredible. So far, so good Captain America.

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Looks awesome!!!!  DC better catch up with some awesome movies!

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He looks friggin' awesome!! Creepy, but still cool!!

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That actually looks really good.
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I'm pleased.

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