Comicvine officially has the longest bio of the Red Skull.

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As a die-hard fan of the Red Skull and spending a great amount of time researching Red Skull's past and origin, Comicvine now holds just about 90% of Red Skulls bio. 
Claiming that Comicvine now holds more info on the Red Skull, I realized how there are hardly any websites that has any details of certain events that truly defines Red Skull as serious threat within the Marvel Universe. 
Sadly with a night-shift job, school, and an important family event, my incomplete work caught the wrong attention of the Comicvine staff. But gratefully I reviewed what I wrote and now im fixing the screw-ups that i've made. 
I'm still currently reviewing and trying to perfect Red Skull's page, later adding Red Skulls "other media" within television and games, and still fixing up some other H2 sections done by somebody else. If there is anything wrong with Red Skull's bio such as grammer, wrong info, etc, please notify me so that I could quickly fix it. 
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Red Skull the most interesting villian in the Marvel Universe. I myself new next to nothing about him until i found comicvine. 
thank you for your hard work

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