theacidskull's Red She-Hulk #63 - Route 616 Part 1 review

Thank You Jeff Parker.

After The disastrous Age Of Ultron, i needed to review something good, and so, what better way to do that than to review on of jeff parkers great titles.

This is one of my favorite series in Marvel Now, once again jeff Parker takes a generic and stupid character, who use to be good as a human mind you, and turns her in to so much more than what she was. first things first, the art. Carlo Pagulayan has a very unique and interesting art style, red she hulk is exactly wha she it should be like , but then again Carlos hulk is generally awesome. But i'd also like to note that his secondary characters are also very well drawn as well.

Now as for the Plot, the story is Very well written, she Hulk has her own agenda and of course machine man his helping her. It seems simple now, but considering the way jeff works, this is obviously not the case. The Super Solder Program is already proving to be a disaster, which foreshadows the little girls( Bennett) predictions.

But Juff doesn't give up just there, one of the many things that stands out in this book is the simple fact that Parker manages to include many elements in the story, elements such as the Shield and Jennifer walters. while Jennifer's appearance is at it's minimum now, it's interesting to how things will play out, Betty and Jen Know each other, which will no doubt be interesting to explore.

But of all the things, i was a bit disappointed that Bruce banner made brief cameo , when he could have played an important factor, but i won't speak too soon, who knows, things might change from this point.

and last but not least, in the end, jeff manages to yet again twist thing up, but even though the ending was good, it still caused some problems. I usually hate these sudden turns, but it was well played off, however it still requires some explanations, which i am sure will be provided in the next issue. but i need to mention on last thing, i feel that jeff is introducing to many factors to the book, and it might become hard to manage, but oh well, i can trust Parker.

In short, this is a very good series, and i would advise you to buy it, because sooner or later marvel will cancel this even at the slightest hint of decline in sales.

Recommendation: YES


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