dark_noldor's Red She-Hulk #61 - Hell Hath No Fury, Part Four review

Wheels of Fortune

It's awesome to see Betty as a smashing, raging and brainless Hulk, big, immense, pure muscles and fury, this is something that was reserved to Bruce Banner only and last issue's events that triggered this shift, resulted in this yet unexplored take of the character and how would she react once she sees what she's become. The emotional spectrum of Parker's narrative, one time focusing on Betty, then shifiting it to Machine Man (X-51) is a great asset in this series, that alligned with the S.H.I.E.L.D. sub plot (Hickman's SHIELD) makes this issue interesting to bear. Unfortunately, this is all there is, since the dull dialogues, the redundancy of Fortean as a threat, the whole "I've seen the future from touching an autist little girl" scenario, they are all average ideas, none of them bright or cool enough to keep me interested in this title. Sure, Carlo Pagulayan and Wellington Alves' art are a good and perfect match for the character, but not reason enough to me, there're better titles in Marvel and I believe Parker's titles will be canceled in May for one reason (not sales specifically): he's not producing interesting comic books as he was like 2 years ago, when his Red Hulk and Thunderbolts were cool. But you have to give the guy his merits, since he's working with low rate characters here: Betty Ross and Machine Gun aren't exactly top notch material,still I'm off this boat! Also,the infuriating blooper of Machine Man driving,then memory lane for Betty to explain her encounter with the autistic kid, then present again and who's behind the wheel? Yes, the Red She-Hulk (she own the title, she gets to drive, right?)

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