circularlogic's Red She-Hulk #58 - Hell Hath No Fury review

She-Rulk on the Warpath

I've never personally devoted much time and effort to caring about the Red Hulks. The Loeb run was garbage, and the past few years of Hulk stories never got me interested, though I'm hoping that will change with the new Mark Waid penned series.

In any case, I was hesitant to give the Jeff Parker it's fair shot, despite the fantastic work he's done on the Thunderbolts, but about a month ago I decided to read through his run at a Chapters near my place, and I kind of enjoyed it. By this time, it was long ago announced that the book would be re-titled Red She-Hulk, so I figured I could give a few issues a shot.

Now, this wasn't a bad issue, but it was an unfortunate book. There's a lot it has to offer, but the problem is it devotes most of it's time to the set-up.

Betty Brant is an interesting character to have as a Hulk, despite what it looks like on the surface. Her relationship with Banner, the duality of the personalities, and the rift between her and her father are all interesting ideas, but that isn't looked at at all. Instead, the issues main focus is introducing the conflict, namely, that the government is making super-soldiers, and is not above using criminals to suit their interests. Because little time is spent on the characters, the story come across as being a little underwhelming.

Now, the saving grace is that despite a weak start, it's written so that we're pretty much guaranteed pay off. Every I said was lacking still has seeds in place that will inevitably lead to bigger and better things, but this first issue was just decent.

Still, Nothing here is bad, per se, in fact the writing is typically very solid. the art is great,and I have to say that I enjoy this She-Hulks costume (Hey, I can't protest against cheesecake in every series, at least this one has the decency to limit it to just a lovely bust and not much more).

While I can't sing praises about this new direction Jeff Parker is taking, I still feel there's a lot of promise to be found here. I'm going to continue for the next few issues, and I do expect it to become much better than it is.


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