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Reuben Reubens was a 12 year old orphan who hated the orphanage, running away he hides out in what he thinks is an abandoned castle, there he meets an old man who gives him an elixir that lets him meet his ancestors most of whom is seems where great men who were also named Rueben Reubens, each of these ancestors give him an aspect of what made them great, be it bravery, strength, stamina or toughness. (pretty much everything but brains)

After this Rueben finds that by shouting the old carnie warning of “Hey Rube!” (even though none of his ancestors are known to have had anything to do with the carnival) he is able to turn into a powerful adult version of himself who becomes known as Red Rube.

He later becomes a cub reporter for the Daily Sun when not being Red Rube.

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