grim's Red Robin #9 - Collision, Part 1 review

Red Robin Returns... To Gotham

 I honestly cant think of any better way to finally bring Tim out of Dick Grayson's shadow that to put him up against one of Batman's greatest foes, and thats exactly what were seeing in Red Robin. Gone are the days of Timjust biding his time until help arrives, or avoiding the main conflict for fear of being overtaken. Tim is taking things head on, and its great to see.
 This issue was very light. Like most "part one"s, this issue seemed to simply be setting up for the rest of the arc. Still, Yost does and excellent job of writing the character interactions. The only real issue with this issue is that is that it seems to play catch-up. they re-cap on a handful of things we readers have already known about for some time.
 But all and all, a great issue, withj lots of hints at the future.


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