grim's Red Robin #8 - Council of Spiders, Part 4 review

"Drake is different." - Ra's al Ghul

as a longtime Tim Drake fan, i've grown rather tired of seeing him being portrayed as the weaker Bat-kid. They always pointed out that hes not as "by the seat of his pants" as Dick, not "a street tough brawler" like Jason, and not as "raised by assassins" as Batgirl.  
 But this issue finally does what i've been waiting for since Batman died: shows that Tim Drake is is as close to the Dog Gamn Batman as your gonna get.
 The conclusion to "Council of Spiders"has Tim in the middle of Ra's al Ghul's circle, with a group of spider themed assassins trying to kill the demons head and anyone in their way.
You want to see a multi-tasking tactician? Look here. Tim takes hits from all sides in this one, and still walks away with props (and a major new threat) from Ra's al Ghul.
 easily the best Tim Drake Story since Robin III. Drake Fans Rejoice.

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