harleyquinnhawkgirl's Red Robin #26 - What Goes Around review

This is Tim's City.

Red Robin # 26
Well another sappy intro to another final issue review folks! This series has been very well executed! I remember being sad when Yost left the team but Nicieza has done just fine on these issues! It's gonna be sad not seeing Tim in his own series with his own calculating mind! But hey life goes on in a new universe! So the basis of this issue is Tim just wanting revenge on Captain Boomerang for murdering his father! And what better time to do this type of story then the end right? Well he calculates Digger's every move until he Digger gets mixed up with Mr, Freeze! Tim has to save him from Freeze but instead of killing him from there he just turns him into the cops. Dick and Damian notice what he does and commend him for his decision. Even Bruce shows up to talk to him about it! The series ends with Tim coming to terms that Gotham is truly his city to protect.
There were a couple of really good themes that I enjoyed in this comic. One being free will, us being able to choose right from wrong. This is shown when Tim has the chance to kill Digger for killing his father. Tim chose not to kill him which was the smart and noble thing to do. The other theme which is very clear is the theme of timeless revenge. Time waited all this time to get his revenge on Digger. I feel like this was placed perfectly instead of Tim doing this much earlier. I did love the end of this comic, I do believe that Tim is Gotham's true protector and he did a fantastic job at it. What I also love is Tim's character development. His calculating mind was almost used to murder Digger but he chose not too. His conscience is too strong.
Art: I love To's art! His art has been really great throughout most of this series! What I've always loved about his art is the starry sky backgrounds in most of his pages!
The BAD!
I really didn't think there was anything bad about this issue! I think this was a great place to leave us for the new DC universe with Tim!
This was a very enjoyable and easy read! This is not to be missed! I say pick it up! 5 out of 5!

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