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you can always count on bad people making dumb decisions.

Tim Drake is an entity onto himself and I’m glad that nobody I’ve spoken to has made a comment

Red Robin #26

about how Tim becoming Red Robin is like Dick becoming Nightwing, for as we all know from reading these series, these are two completely different personas and identities all together. Through this series we’ve seen Tim go to great lengths and great depths to reach his goal, from entering the lions den and working for the league of shadows to faking his own assassination. We’ve see him go up against Ra’s Al Ghul and we’ve seen him take down the mysterious criminal communication network the Unternet. He’s taken us around the world and shown us some new faces as well as some old. But now we see him make the hardest choice of his life. To kill his fathers murderer or to let him live. What will he chose? Let’s pick up Red Robin #26 and find out.


The issue opens to a fight on the roof tops between Red Robin and Captain Boomerang (George Harkness). Boomerang is hurling his trade-marked boomerang weapons at Tim while he holds onto one, special boomerang for Harkness. The Boomerang that impaled his father’s heart in Identity Crisis. Tim monologues about the irony of using Boomerangs own murder

 DUCK!... no. its a boomerang.

weapon against him and then goes back to explain how things ended up this way, starting with how the thought of killing Boomerang became a plan. He goes through the motions, setting up the bait and waiting for Boomerang to come, leaving enough space for Boomerang to make another choice and leave, but he doesn’t. Tim has planed everything out, even to the point that he can’t be connected to the murder at all. But the question that lingers in our minds is dose he do it? Can he do it? And will he do it? To find out the answers you’re going to have to pick up Red Robin #26.


Fabian Nicieza concludes the run of Red Robin by bringing us the meeting that had to happen (after the events of Brightest Day). Tim Drake coming face to face with Captain Boomerang. The man who killed his father. Through Niciezas run, as well as Yost’s run, we’ve seen that Tim Drake is not a character who stays on the morally right side of things. He’s delved into those shades of grey and has felt guilt for his actions, or the way that he’s

 my precious.

done things and this issue sums that up quite well as we hear how Tim has planed everything out and prepared himself for Boomerangs death. He’s planned everything though and set everything up and we as the readers can’t help but wonder if he will go through with it or not? As Nicieza hasn’t let us get any hints till the end. Truly gripping. Marcus To once again brings excellent artwork to this series with character depictions and action that feel and look natural, not to mention a cover where the only “red” element that can be associated with Red Robin is the blood on the boomerang, but that it also thanks to Ray Mccarthys’ inking and Guy Majors colouring. Overall this was a brilliant issue to end this chapter of Red Robin, with depth and character development that keeps you griped and interested in the character, and a story and art work with no faults. A truly brilliant way to end.


In conclusion I can not give Red Robin #26 nothing less than a 5/5. He is no longer that boy who first appeared in August 1989’s Batman #436, and as those of you who’ve followed this series should know he’s not even the same person that he was back in issue #1. Unfortunately for you new readers Red Robin doesn’t have his own solo series in the coming September relaunch (though with the slow release of new titles and mini-series from DC for October and other months we can all still hope) so I can’t exactly tell you to wait till then, but you can collect the trade copies of his series starting with “Red Robin: The Grail” which collects the first 5 issues of the series. So in conclusion Red Robin #26 gets:-




Now boys and girls if you thought that the end of his series would stop Tim Drake your all mistaken as Red Robin Returns in September 2011 re-launch in Teen Titans #1. So until then, see ya.


 Red Robin in Teen Titans #1. Coming September 2011.

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