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you can always count on bad people making dumb decisions. 0

Tim Drake is an entity onto himself and I’m glad that nobody I’ve spoken to has made a comment Red Robin #26 about how Tim becoming Red Robin is like Dick becoming Nightwing, for as we all know from reading these series, these are two completely different personas and identities all together. Through this series we’ve seen Tim go to great lengths and great depths to reach his goal, from entering the lions den and working for the league of shadows to faking his own assassination. We’ve see him ...

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Decisions. 0

Synopsis: Will Tim Drake kill Captain Boomerang? What's Good? As a long time fan of Tim Drake, I never realize how much he actually wanted Captain Boomerang dead. His dilemma is quite different than Bruce, Dick, or even Barbara. It's understandable though, as Harkness was the one who killed his father. With this issue, we see the full potential of Tim Drake, and what he can be truly capable of. However, he tries to justifies his own actions by stating it was Harkness' own fault throughout. One...

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This is Tim's City. 0

Red Robin # 26 Well another sappy intro to another final issue review folks! This series has been very well executed! I remember being sad when Yost left the team but Nicieza has done just fine on these issues! It's gonna be sad not seeing Tim in his own series with his own calculating mind! But hey life goes on in a new universe! So the basis of this issue is Tim just wanting revenge on Captain Boomerang for murdering his father! And what better time to do this type of story then the end right?...

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An wonderfully fitting way to end the series. 0

"Red Robin" #26 marks the end of Tim Drake's solo title and it does so in a very fitting fashion. Captain Boomerang was probably never accused of being the coolest DC villain. From his title to his early costume, he serves as a fun, nostalgic reminder of the rather loose creative standards of the past. Yet Captain Boomerang's impact is most strongly marked by one act that changed Tim Drake's life forever - the murder of his father, Jack Drake.  This issue focuses on a revenge-fueled Tim prepari...

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Son of the Bat or Son of the Demon? 0

In The final issue of this series Tim faces off with the man who murdered his father, Captain Boomerang.   The Good  Absolutely perfect cover.   Marcus To's work on this issue is absolutely perfect from cover to cover.   Much of the issue's him shadowing Boomerang and him internally narrating. Nicieza has such a firm command of Tim and it's really going to be a shame that he's not writing him in September.All of Batman's "sons" possess amplified aspects of his personality. This being the case, T...

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