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The assassins from last issue try to kill Tim but he stalemates them before they can disappear on him. He discovers an ear piece and realizes that it’s Ras Al Gul who simply wants to talk with him.

He goes back to his hideout where he dismisses calls from all his fiends and he works on his tech. Spoiler tries to sneak up on him but Tim Strikes her down they have a cold exchange with Tim telling her not to wear that costume anymore and also to leave him alone and not to spy on him for his friends under the pretense of “caring for him”.

He gets a flight out of the city with the Ras earpiece still in hand he should get rid of it but cant. Back in Gotham Luscious fox is trying to locate him to no avail. Elsewhere a league member gets killed by a red laser like spiderweb after completing his task to kill an official under heavy guard.

Once Tim is in his hotel room he decides go along with Ras since he is the only one who believes him that Bruce is still alive.

The Good:

Tim continues to experience human emotions he’s hurt and grieving and frankly he feels that he’s been abandoned by the batfamily. When Steph shows up he’s cold to her for a number of reasons, Betrayal is chief among them. Him and Steph have had a very rocky time together, her pregnancy, then the adoption, their rollercoaster relationship, his inability to trust her with

his identity, being replaced by her, her death, her return. Its a lot of baggage and frankly when

she showed up Tim knew she came because of Dick, I’m not convinced she could have tracked him on her own…its beyond her skill really. When she tried to lie about it an angry Tim

just felt even more alone cause here she was spying on him for his “friends” because they doesn’t trust his crusade. This all leads Tim to a place where he’s isolated physically and emotionally. Sure a lot of his isolation is self imposed BUT when your an emotional grief stricken mess like this you don't see that and here comes Ras believing in him when he needs someone to do just that. Kyle weaves a good tale and he hits all the right notes with Tim’s emotions

The Bad:

Art is still uneven and Tim still has the power ranger transformation going on. Flashback make it hard to tell where you are in the story too often.

The Ugly:

4/5 stars


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