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The reason why I'm reading DC...

I am a huge Marvel fan, the few DC comics that I have gotten have all dissappointed me. But Red Robin has changed that, I wish I could have found Red Robin 1 but I got 2 (I was in Seattle just to get comic books lol). I was very impressed with the art work and the story I found it all excellent and now I wish I had 1 (on my shopping list). This is the reason why I will be looking into DC comics I was very impressed with the whole story and that's why it deserves my rating of 4.5.


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     Summary The assassins from last issue try to kill Tim but he stalemates them before they can disappear on him. He discovers an ear piece and realizes that it’s Ras Al Gul who simply wants to talk with him. He goes back to his hideout where he dismisses calls from all his fiends and he works on his tech. Spoiler tries to sneak up on him but Tim Strikes her down they have a cold exchange with Tim telling her not to wear that costume anymore and also to leave him alone and not to spy on him for ...

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