green_ankh's Red Robin #2 - The Grail, Part 2 review

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I was very suprised with issue one. I had gotten it just have the 1st issue. But was shocked about how good it was. But issue two... Fell with a big thud.  I don't like the mood of the book and i found the story vwery ininteresting. It was nice to see the Spoiler turn up but that still didnt help this book.

Posted by BrucePayne

Just like every story, exposition must be given to the readers. Issue 1 did pack a tighter punch, but issue 2 set the dark mental anguish we will continue seeing Tim struggle through. I am down with this series.

Posted by Timm

it was a slow started, issue five ended really well.

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    I am a huge Marvel fan, the few DC comics that I have gotten have all dissappointed me. But Red Robin has changed that, I wish I could have found Red Robin 1 but I got 2 (I was in Seattle just to get comic books lol). I was very impressed with the art work and the story I found it all excellent and now I wish I had 1 (on my shopping list). This is the reason why I will be looking into DC comics I was very impressed with the whole story and that's why it deserves my rating of 4.5....

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